Month Possible Event Date Venue
February Affection Month Siyathandana Open Day event 25 February Alfred Nzo Radio Premises (Mt Ayliff)
March Human Rights and Good Friday 5-6 Election registrations Alfred Nzo Business Dialogue (Launch) 03 March Alfred Nzo Radio Premises (Mt Ayliff)
April Freedom month Social Cohesion Challenge Program 22 April Cedarville, Town Hall
May African History Month African Month Tribute TBA TBA
June Youth month Youth Day Celebration TBA TBA
July Madiba Month 67 Minutes TBA TBA
August Womens month Gala Dinner with Radio Personalities and Stakeholders TBA TBA
September Heritage month Cultural Festival TBA TBA
October Community Activations TBA TBA
November Anniversary month Community Awards, Radio Awards TBA TBA
December Christmas Party TBA TBA